Graffiti Tour

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Be fond of the Cartagena graffiti scene by taking a walk with a local through the most stunning murals and graffitis of the walled city in Getsemani to understand the cultural and social atmosphere of the neighborhood, one of the most controversial areas in the historic center of Cartagena. 2 1/2 hours Contact Us See […]

Visit to Palenque

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Visit to Palenque, a town stablished by run away slaves with big African roots where we learn about music, dance,culture, way of living, customs and beliefs. Learn to play the drums and learn how the hair styles of the local women played a very important rol on their way to freedom. 6 hours Aprox. / Lunch […]

Tour Islas del Rosario

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Take a dip into the pristine waters of these beautiful coral reef national natural park where you can swim, take a walk around the island or do the snorkeling activity with a local instructor. Take a panoramic tour around the 27 islands and as an optional activity, watch a dolphin show and trained sharks at […]

The Real Cartagena Tour

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It´s a tour where you are immersed into the local culture to learn about music, food, people, customs and beliefs. Visit to the local market where we try local food and local fruits, learn about natives of Cartagena and the African influence. Visit to traditional neighborhoods to understand the city from a geographic, cultural, social […]